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Catering Services
The recipe with the best professional path

Vocational Training

Vocational Training comprehends the set of studies which are most related to labour occupations and the labour market. Nowadays, it is considered as a life-long learning process throughout the workers’ professional careers. Vocational Training offers   “formal formation” addressed to youngsters’ compulsory education as well as the “training for work formation” for active workers or the “competence recognition” for professionals.

Vocational Training offers around 170 professional certificates in the basic, intermediate and higher levels, which enable students to gain professional competence and access to qualified jobs.

The certificates are grouped into professional families and are organised into subjects called “modules” with theoretical and practical contents together with a training period in a company.

Vocational training courses offer formal training education which is comprised of the theoretical and practical knowledge in the working environment, which is geared towards the development of professional competence in different fields.




Leioa Catering School offers the following courses:

- Intermediate vocational training courses.

        Cooking and gastronomy.

        Catering services.

        Baking and confectionery.

- Higher level vocational training courses.

         Kitchen management.

         Service management in the Catering business.

- Specialisation courses.

For further information about Vocational Training you can go to FP Euskadi.